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Examination Transparency of CIE
Mechanism of internal assessment is transparent and robust in terms of frequency and mode

Three types of examinations are conducted for each subject in a semester. One class tests for each subject of 25 marks, three continuous internal examinations of 1 & 1/2 hours for 50 marks and a model examination of 3 hours for 100 marks. Hence the examinations are variety. The student can learn the short portion profoundly for the class tests and can answer.

The dates of the examinations are mentioned in the academic schedule circulated to HOD, informed to the students, and displayed in the notice board on the first day of the semester.

The academic schedule consists of dates of commencement classes, continuous internal Assessments, Model Examination, Last working day, and also the end semester practical and theory examinations given by the university.

The dates mentioned in the academic schedule are followed in all the activities. Hence the students and the faculty members clearly know about the commencement of the tests well in advance.

The format of the question papers are also informed and discussed in the classroom.

The same format is followed for all the subjects in the institute. Hence the dates of the examination, syllabus of the CIE and question paper pattern are transparent to all the students.

The question papers of the CIE and Model examinations are verified by Head of the Department in order to rectify the mistakes and the ambiguity in the questions are fully rectified.

If a student is not able to attend the internal tests and model exams due to represents the institution in any event (on duty), owing to medical grounds or any valid reason, that student should get prior permission from the subject handling faculty, Class advisor and Head of the department, a retest is conducted to enable the student to earn internal assessment marks.

The faculty will prepare answer-key for the examination question paper with mark allocation and the same is discussed in the class room. Hence the students can know the answer for the questions and it is fully transparent and he can easily check the answers while distributing the answer scripts.

The corrected examination answer scripts are distributed to the students within two days after completion of the examination. If there is any deviation in awarding marks, it will be immediately clarified and rectified by the subject handling faculty. Those answers scripts are acknowledged by the students then they are collected and retained in the department. The subject handling faculty will countersign in the paper if any changes are made in that paper.

Mark list of the students are prepared and conveyed to their parents either by post or through phone by the respective class advisor.

The marks are also entered in the Anna University web-portal, as date mentioned in the academic schedule, by the respective subject in-charges. The student can open the portal and verify the marks to calculate the portion of the final internal assessment marks.

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