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Examination Grievances
Mechanism to deal with internal/external examination related grievances is transparent, time-bound and efficient

Grievances redressing cell helps the students to approach for general and personal grievances. The committee comprises of the Principal, Academic co-ordinator and the Head of the Departments.

Methods of grievances:

The student can express the grievance in the following ways. Interacting with their Counselor, interacting with the Class advisor and coordinator, class committee meeting, suggestion box and feedback by the parents.

Interacting with Counselor

Each faculty members acts as counselor for 10 to 15 students. The counselor conducts counselor meeting once in a week. One C/L/S (Counseling/ Library/Seminar) period per week is allotted in the time table itself. So the students are meeting their counselor and can convey their grievance to the counselor.

After completion of each examination, students can meet the respective counselor and the feedbacks of the same are conveyed to the head of the department.

Class committee meeting

Class committee meetings are conducted thrice in a semester which consists of chair-person, the theory and laboratory handling faculty, and students of more than10% of the class. This meeting is purely student centric; the student can convey the grievances to the chair –person and the committee members. The meeting minutes are seen by the head of the department and the principal. Hence the grievances are conveyed to the principal.

Suggestion box

Suggestion boxes are available in institute. Student can drop the suggestions as letters into the box. The same can be checked frequently by the Principal/Chairman.

Parents Minute

Parents of the students are meeting the faculty and the Head of the department. At that time the grievances of the students are conveyed to the higher authorities through their parents. Phone numbers of the Head of the Department is known to the students and the parents. Hence they can convey the students’ grievances to the authorities directly.

The grievances coming in any of the mode mention above are collected and are discussed in the Principal meeting. The suggestions of the members in the meeting are considered; rectification methods are discussed and desired, the same may be conveyed to the management. After this discussion, suitable actions will be taken from the next day or from the next event based on the requirement.

University level

Students apply for Xerox copies of evaluated answer scripts and apply for revaluation of end semester examination from university. The University provides the photocopy of answer scripts to students on demand after paying fee. After receiving own answer-sheet if student wants he/she can apply for revaluation of answer script. If the student is not satisfied with the second valuation, he can apply for review revaluation.

An aggrieved student who has the grievance(s) shall make an application to the university through the principal of the college. The principal, after verifying the facts, shall forward it to the concerned section of the university. The university redresses all such grievances within a reasonable time of application.

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